Nick Cannon Is Hilarious?

by Winston "Stone" Ford


Maybe I'm from a different generation, but I don't really get what people see in Nick Cannon. One can also say the same thing with MTV nowadays. Shit, I'm even too old for VH1.

However, the brother gets some props for this new show called Wild 'N Out. Okay, so I don???t' know if the show is actually new since its been weeks since I've watched MTV. In fact, I don't know much about this show or its history at all. But for a channel which consistently panders to the lowest common denominator (Laguna Beach anyone?), I'm completely surprised that MTV has come up with such an original and funny show.

Yes, I said funny.

Wild N Out consists of two teams of comedians fronted by Mr. Cannon and a “A-List” celebrity. Said teams participate in several “freestyle comedy” improv events, with a battle rap at the end. Think of that show “Whose Line is it Anyway” with more street cred. Come to think of it, this show really isn't that original at all.

Like I mentioned before, I don't know if this show is gonna be a one off event just to promote Cannon's new album, or if this is going to stick around the MTV schedule. Who knows. It's just funny. Tivo this ish before Cannon pulls a Dave Chappelle.

  • Miss Hipstah

    So apparently today they have a marathon of this show or something and yeah, it really IS hilarious. But I kinda feel like it's rigged, cause it seems like the red team always wins.

    Oh yeah and check out this Thursday. Kanye West is gonna be on. THAT should be funny.

  • and u say whaaaaa

    the show is madd funny but im wondering how can u send nick a email
    i know he probably wont answer it but just wanted to know and drop a line or 2 on him lol
    email me if yall know

  • elizabeth

    OMG did he ask trya banks to marry him or was that just a part of the show