News Update: Weekend Edition


Hello and welcome to a very special weekend edition of News Update.

wyclef and foxy.jpg Rapper Foxy Brown (seen here with Wyclef Jean) is once again refusing a plea bargin from the Manhatten District Attorney's office. It's one that could keep her out of jail. She's charged with assault, attempted assault and harrassment due to an incident that occured at the Bloomies Nail salon last August. The explanation for her refusal:

“She didn't commit any misdemeanor,” said her lawyer, Joseph Tacopina. “That's the bottom line.”

For those of you Being Bobby Brown junkies, good news: Bravo is adding two more episodes to this season.

Death Row Records founder “Suge” Knight fined $691 in California for making an illegal U-turn and driving without insurance. There was a drug charge against him (he had some weed on him) but that was dropped.

A photographer was shot with a BB Gun while hiding outside a Malibu home where it was alleged Britney Spears was attending a bridal shower. The shooter still has not been identified.

20 year old Paul Rodriguez Jr. (son of actor/comedian Paul Rodriguez) is now the Street Skateboarding King for the second time. He won the title at both last year's X-Games as well as this years.

Pharrell is now working with blue-eyed soulster Thicke. Their upcoming track “Wanna Love You Girl” is (according to them) “guaranteed to get you naked”.

And finally, if anyone is interested, here is a list of the winners from the 2005 Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop Awards.

That's it for the weekend update. Hipstah is iz-out!