News Update Special: VMAs 2005


Apparently the MTV Video Music Awards went off yesterday without a hitch. Even though things like Hurricane Katrina and the shooting of Suge Knight tried to overshadow the occasion.

Despite the “dramas”, many had fun at the VMAs. The real winners of the evening had to Green Day who went home with seven “Moon Men”.

Other key award winners:

Best Male Video: Kanye West
Best Female Video: Kelly Clarkson
Best Rap Video: Ludacris
Best R&B Video: Alicia Keys
Best Hip Hop Video: Missy Elliot
Best Dance Video: Missy Elliot

Gwen Stefani and Snoop Dogg won Diddy's $100K Fashion Challange in which Diddy gave each of them fifty grand to give to the charity of their choice. Just for lookin' oh-so-sharp.

Check out a photo array of some of the other goings on after the jump

Outfits on the “White Carpet”


Something amazing occurred. Both Parist Hilton and Lil Kim showed up wearing dresses that (GASP) actually covered the majority of their bodies.


Lil Kim, who will start her one year prison sentence in September, told fans they could “write her letters”.


Unlike the two above women, Jessica Simpson decided to wear this little number. You may not be able to see it, but you can see the entirety of her back…including her black bra. Not that that's a bad thing…but the outfit is kinda like what would happen if the the Swiss Miss girl became a dominatrix.


Gwen Stefani actually did show up to the VMAs (SANS HARAJUKU GIRLS!!!). And the dress she wore was something reminiscent to her days in No Doubt. Do I sense a comeback?


Yet another interesting occurance. Probably due to their breakup, Destiny's Child came to the VMAs in three distinct dresses. That's right, no more coordinated outfits for these ladies.



Diddy not only hosted, he donned white dress tails and conducted the VMA orchestra. He also apparently changed outfits three times in the first half hour…


…which included him dressing in drag as Con-DIDDY-leeza Rice.


Eva Longoria strutted her stuff in this bathing suit. She was in Miami…might as well.


MC Hammer performed.


R. Kelly essentially re-performed his soap opera/music video for his performance of “Trapped in the Closet”. Kelly also showed up on the white carpet wearing a t-shirt that screamed “I'M RICK JAMES BITCH.”

Other performances included:

– Kanye West and Jamie Foxx performing “Gold Digger”. Jamie Foxx apparently got so excited he ripped his shirt open, while (fake?) money fell from the cieling over the audience.

– My Chemical Romance had a very goth ballet dancer who stage dove and body surfed along the audience.

– 50 Cent performed while standing in a ring of fire. Shakira also performed her song “La Tortura” and used fire as an accessory.

– A barefoot Kelly Clarkson being doused with water as she sang her song “Since You've Been Gone” (which she won both Best Female and Best Pop for)

And that's it for you MTV VMA update. Hope y'all enjoyed it. (Please note: All photos were provided by Reuters and Associated Press)