News Update: August 9th


Ja Rule.jpg

Hi and welcome once again to another exciting edition of News Update. Let's get started mmkay?

Ja Rule became the first internationally well known rapper to perform in the Dominican Repiblic. His concert wow-ed 3000 fans. That was a far smaller crowd than promoters were hoping for (the estimated number was 20,000).

Rapper DMX was charged with violating his release terms that were part of a plea agreement. Whoopie. Another rapper is in trouble again with the law.

Moving on

Due to the success of the popular films, Showtime is creating a series based on the Barbershop movies.

Def Jam is releasing an album entitled “Def Jazz”. Looks pretty good.

And finally, pop singer Sinead O'Connor is following Willie Nelson's footsteps. She's releasing a reggae album on her Chocolate and Vanilla label (This is me shuddering uncontrollably).

“To me, I have not made a reggae record, I've made a Rasta record,” O'Connor said Monday night at a Kingston launch party for “Thrown Down Your Arms,” scheduled to be released in September.

Who's next? Neil Diamond sings Bob Marley's Greatest Hits? Barry Manilow and Barrington Levy duets? FOR THE LOVE OF JAH, MAKE IT STOP!!!!

That's it for the News Update today. Sayonara bitches!