News Update: August 3rd


free and aj.jpg

Well, a lot of interesting things have been going on in the entertainment world this week. So with out furthur adieu…

Beloved hosts of BET's “106 & Park”, Free and AJ, are leaving the show and tv channel. AJ claims that their departure is due to the new head of programming's need to “change the face of the station”

Rapper 50 Cent is re-releasing his sophomore album The Massacre. This version will feature “a video for each track in addition to a remix version of “Outta Control.”

Two super sports worlds collide: Addidas is buying out Reebok.

The jury is still out on whether Samuel L. Jackson is the new “Magical Black Man” in popular film. But that's not stopping him from making new movies. He is co-producing and starring in Afrosamurai, a film based on a Japanese manga of the same name. The movie is aiming to be released sometime in 2007.

Sony is definitely not having a good summer. Right after the BMG Sony “Payola” scandel, it seems they have also given their own movies false praise from a fake critic. “David Manning of The Ridgefield Press” has given four star reviews to numerous movies, none of which were real. Sony now has to pay 1.5 million dollars to settle a class action lawsuit against them for false advertising.

Thanks for tuning in to The Couch Sessions News Update. Hipstah, OUT!