News Update: August 29



No Intro. Just News:

Diddy and producer Emillio Estefan (husband of Gloria Estefan) are joining forces to create Bad Boy Latino. Reggaton artist Pitbull will also be part of this new venture.

British R&B singer Lemar has been nominated for five Mobo awards (Music of Black Origin Awards).

Not only is he in rehab, but Eminem is also being sued. The bus driver and the tour bus company of the bus that was in an accident are suing for unspecified damages. The accident happend in Kansas on July 13th. Rapper Stat Quo and DJ Alchemist were among the people injured.

Back in 2001 talk show host Roger Mills claimed he was “roughed up” by Diddy's entourage after an interview went sour and sued Diddy for damages. After he lost, he appealed. Now a court is admiting that a taped phone discussion between Diddy's bodyguard, Ron Gilyard and Mills should have been entered into evidence. Regardless of this fact however, the non-guilty verdict still stands, because the tape does not contain enough evidence that Diddy told his bodyguards to physically harm Mills.

Speaking of Entourage…Underground rapper Saigon has recently been added to the cast of the hit HBO series. Really interesting story.

Sasha Baron Cohen known to most as Ali G punked Pamela Anderson last week during her dog wedding that she was having on the beach. Dog wedding? I will never understand those.

Award-winning playwright August Wilson is dying of liver cancer. Wilson is the author of such plays as “Fences”, “Ma Rainy's Black Bottom” and “The Piano Lesson”. His most recent play “Gem of the Ocean” which is one part of a ten-part cycle on the African-American experience, opened last winter.

And finally, an article on Eric Benet's new album Hurricane.