News Update: August 12th



Hello and welcome to the Couch Sessions News Update…again…lots of interesting stuff happening so let's get started!

Pharrell Williams topped Esquire Magazine's second annual Best Dressed Man in the World list. Some others who made the list were Kanye West, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jay-Z, Donald Trump, Kofi Annan and former President Clinton.

Kimora Lee Simmons has pleaded guilty to a a traffic violation. She was charged last July with careless driving, eluding a police officer and possessing a small amount of marijuana after she was pulled over by a police officer.

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Bow Wow (formerly Lil') debuted on the Billboard Top 100 Singles Chart.

Summer 2005 is the summer of the documentary. Movies like Murderball, The Aristocrats, and March of the Penguins have been the hot thing. Keeping up with the trend is The Untold Story of Emmett Louis Till. Release by ThinkFilm and opening on August 17th, the movie divulges into new evidence in the 1955 murder of the young black teenager.

And finally read about Operation Ceasefire a coalition of DC musicians and artists who oppose the war in Iraq.