New Music: Maj Toure


majtoure.jpgInstead of trying to go to a major label route, or even sell CD's out of the trunk of his car, Philadelphia rapper Maj Toure decided to go to the most untapped market in the city: The Philadelphia subway.

Philly commuters can see Mr. Toure on SEPTA's Orange line, hocking his new album, Solutionary, between 7:30am and 3pm. Toure choose the train over other forms of distribution, because “here I can address social issues directly without restriction and I can get the solutions immediately to the people who will benefit from it the most.”

Describing himself as a combindation of Nas, Dead Prez, and Jay-Z, Toure wants to highlight the problems and even provide solutions to the situation of America's inner city communities. His music is aimed at what he says is “those elite few who choose to take their destiny into their own hands, those who respect independent thought.”

Check out Maj Toure on the SEPTA orange line or on