New Music: Jennifer Johns



When profiling new artists, I hate trying to compare them to a well-known and established musician, especially when a new artist is paving their own role in the music industry.

So I’ll try not to compare Oakland native Jennifer Johns to Kelis.

Oops. My bad.

But comparing Ms. Johns to Kelis is not a bad thing at all. Jennifer is a part of the new “space funk” movement, being pioneered by other California starlets such as Sy Smith and J*Davey. Her soulful R&B and 808 beats to create an interesting musical combination. In fact, she calls her music “heavyelectromagnetic.” However, you can't describe the music on John's CD, heavyelectromagneticsoularpoeticjunglehop, you just have to listen.

Like many soul pioneers, Johns has been in the music game for many years. Jennifer's music combines her love of jazz, spoken word, and hip hop. She even released her debut CD on her own label, Nayo Movement Music.

More information can be found here. Tracks to watch: “heavyelectromagneticsoularpoeticjunglehop,” “Do You Believe in Love”