Mugshot Magazine Shutting Down

by Winston "Stone" Ford

mugshotcover.jpgFree hip hop publication Mugshot Magazine is shutting down due to lack of funding.

If you knew about Mugshot, then you were underground. The magazine was, as Rocka says, “the total opposite of the Source.” But honestly, it was almost like Mugshot was the total opposite of Vibe.

In short time that I read Mugshot, I was exposed to new music from Eternia and Jochris. Issue no 11. had an in depth profile on Jamel Shabazz, while I doubt it got a mention in Vibe.

In fact, this free magazine was better than Fader, Complex, OR Vibe. Sad day, indeed.

  • james

    gida is a slacker this mag was the shit you put out the mag but never distrubeted I saw a 1000 boxes of the old mags all on her old appartment. What happen to all those mag proubly ended in the thrash

  • Peter Feld

    anyone who needs a copy of issue 1, volume 1, just email me, I have hundreds… peterfeld (at) gmail dot com.

  • Sandi

    why? that was the best magazine I’ve ever read. Art, Music and Culture to the fullest!!