Miss Hipstah's Favorite Websites


So I have been surfin' the ocean that is the internets and have been finding numerous cool websites. I thought I'd share a few with you, so you too can waste time lookin' at cool stuff.

Overheard In New York: This is possibly one of the most hilarious websites I have ever seen. If you live in New York or have ever lived in New York or have just spent some time in New York, you can understand how conversations like these really do exist.

My Fashion Life: I recently found this site. And I kinda love it. It basically talks about models, designers and other fashion related items that you may or may not have wanted to know.

Byron Crawford: It's Byron. Nuff said.

Hip Hop Blogs: It's Hashim. Nuff said.

Imageyenation: Ok, so I love these guys. They're my boys. Great hip hop bloggers. Picky, but still great. Check them out. They have an online radio show too, that's pretty dope and that hopefully, I’ll get to guest DJ on again.

Cool Hunting: This blog was started by Josh Rubin as a small website where he could post cool new things in fashion, art, architecture…well just about anything. Now it's grown so much and gotten so much attention, he got other people to help him out. This blog was one of the reasons I wanted to start blogging. (Note: Josh Rubin also happens to be an alum of my college).

Boards Mag: Screeningroom: This is really one of my all time faves. You can go here and check out new commercials, ad campaigns, public service announcements or music videos. But a word to the wise…this website is highly addictive as well as highly distracting. So use with caution.

Kiser NY: This is my boy Samandar's fashion design site. Let me tell you, this kid is goin places. His shirts have already graced the pages of magazines like Cargo, Mass Appeal and Nylon. AJ from 106 & Park wore some of his shirts on a couple of his last appearences on BET. Check out both their old stuff and their new stuff…buy something while supplies last!

Spoon Fed: This website has one of the most hilarious theme songs. It's a fashion website, but their clothes are mad expensive.

Urban Dictionary: Exactly what it says. A dictionary that defines slang. And the best part…you can give in definitions.

Song Title Info: Music from TV Commercials: And not just any tv commercials. Almost ALL tv commercials. I finally found out what song the Gecko from the Geico commercial is doing the robot to.

Fight Manniquinism: I still have no idea what this website is all about.

Devil's Tramping Ground: Created by artist and ghost story enthusiast Ed Bain, this tongue-in-cheek website is dubbed “a website to play with in the dark”. It's filled with skeletons, ouija boards, magic tricks and the like. A bit cheesy, the animation is cute and the guitar and violin music is rather haunting. Note: Click on the FeeJee Mermaid. Let her out of her cage and watch her make a trip to Starbucks.

Well that's about it for now. Leave some of your own favorite websites in the comments section. I know y'all have some good ones out there.