Lauryn and Legend


Just as I was wallowing in a serious sonic slump from a continuously disappointing influx of unoriginal, uninspiring music on urban radio stations, my ears were blessed by the sound of a familiar voice mixed up in something new and exciting. Lauryn Hill is gracing the airwaves again in a sultry duet with John Legend on the ???So High??? remix.

But this isn???t the first instance of the two making beautiful music together. In 1998, Legend lent his genius in the making of ???Everything is Everything,??? a single from Lauryn???s critically acclaimed ???Miseducation??? album. Well, they???re back to business again, collaborating on tracks for both of their upcoming solo projects.

Personally, as a fan of almost 10 years, I???m ecstatic to see Lauryn???s return. Her talent and integrity as an artist is desperately needed in music today.

In recent years, she???s faced a lot of hardship and hostility from critics and the public who seemed to have forgotten that artists, despite fame and fortune, are still human beings fully capable of imperfection and shortcoming from time to time.

But I???ve always believed that those who are truly gifted and dedicated will always prevail in the end. And this is her time.