Lady Soverign = The Next M.I.A.


sovhoodie.jpgI'm gonna let you guys know right now: the New York Hipster Press (NYHP) will declare Lady Soverign the next MIA. (Or as Trent would say, the NYHP will be ridin' Lady Sov's booty.)

So I'm still on the fence about this girl. Although the NYHP says that she is the only viable grime act to conquer America (cause she referenced J-Kwon and J Lo, woo hoo!), she's pretty much hit or miss for me. She???s more of a great white hope than anything else. She dropped “Random” last year and it was a pretty decent track, but I'm not feelin' her new track “9 to 5” or her newest effort entitled “Hoodie.”

I mean, it's cool, but it sounds TOO much like made for BBC Radio 1 pop. It's got the obvious elements: a catchy pop chorus that drunk British girls will be singing next “Bank Holiday,” a reference to a bar or club (gotta have that), and some fake synth banghra elements which is all the rage in UK production styles right now.

It's not a bad song, per se, but I doubt that I will push my Ty and Roots Manuva (and even MIA) aside to make room for her in my Zen.

If you're still interested in this chick, check out her interview on BigStereo.