JC Penney…The New Hot Spot for the MTV Generation?


MTVcribs2.jpg JC Penney is now selling the MTV Cribs Home Furnishings Line

This houseware fashion line supposedly can help young people feel like they are a superstar without making them pay superstar prices. Which honestly is just what this country needs: More bratty teenagers with bratty teenage rooms.

MTV is advertising their line with commercials that at first feel like an episode of MTV Cribs. But after about 15 seconds, you kind of realize its not. They then have these models who can't be more than 14 or 15 dressed in clothes no teen can afford and strutting around these elaborate rooms like they're on a cat walk. Let me tell you, if I ever saw my kid doing that, the most they'd get was a tap upside the head. Not a refurnished bedroom.

mtvcribs3.jpg It's not surprising that there are a lot of kids who are gonna run out an buy this stuff. And why not? It's cheap and funky. Something that could make any teen's bedroom or dorm room that much cooler. Hell, there's a pillow or two that I'd buy, if I really wanted to support MTV that much.

How is it that this television station can become a brand name label? You could slap on ABC or CNN or BBC on to a line of clothing and it still wouldn't have the same effect as “Oh, this? I got this from the MTV Cribs Furnishing line.” And really, what's next? MTV Pimp My Ride Luxury Cars? Punk'd Action Figures? (Why would I not be surprised if these things were already out?)

It is troublesome that America's youth is so obsessed with living like a celebrity. Just the fact that there are 13 year olds running around dressed in outfits not even someone my age would wear, says a lot about how young woman are being told to think of themselves. And all because they want to look like Britney Spears or Beyonce. And it's not even just celebrities they are trying to become. Shows like Laguna Beach or Rich Girls are telling kids that in order to be cool, you have to have money. Thank you Paris Hilton.