Goodbye Tyrone Biggums, Goodbye Playerhaters Ball…

by Lady Glock


It has finally come out that The Chappelle Show is finished.

Time to face the facts: Dave Chappelle's hit Comedy Central series isn't coming back, says one of its stars. “`Chappelle's Show' is over, man. Done,” comic Charlie Murphy told TV Guide. “It took me a long time to be able to say those words, but I can say it pretty easy now, because it's the truth.”

Chappelle's sudden “spiritual retreat” to South Africa on the eve of his show's third season has left the series in limbo since May. About half of a new season had been filmed before Chappelle left, Murphy said.

“I'm disappointed it ended the way it did, but I'm not angry with anybody,” he said. “`Chappelle's Show' was like the Tupac of TV shows. It came out, it got everybody's attention, it was a bright shining star, but it burned out and for some strange reason, it burned out quick.”

Well, it doesn't seem like Comedy Central missed a beat. They now have Mind of Mencia which if anyone has noticed opens very similarly and has a similar makeup to The Chappelle Show.

Update – Stone: I've heard from credible sources (I have sources now, bitches!) that the 8 completed episodes from season 4 will be out on DVD sometime near the end of this year.

  • Stone

    Damn, I figured as much. Even if Chappelle came back the show prob. would'nt be the same.

    But Charlie Murphy needs his own TV show!!!!!

  • Wendy X

    >But Charlie Murphy needs his own TV show!!!!!

    wasn't he supposed to get his own show on Comedy Central???

    >Mind of Mencia which if anyone has noticed opens very similarly and has a similar makeup to The Chappelle Show.

    Mind of Mencia sucks

  • Miss Hipstah

    >Mind of Mencia sucks

    Yes. Yes it does.

  • andre wright

    to simply say that “mind of mencia” sucks does not fully address how bad the show and carlos mencia truly are. the level of “putrid suckitude” of this 30min sh*t-storm is mind boggling. mencia is like that sweaty, nasty dude at work who hits on EVERYTHING, tells lame jokes, and gets drunk and tries to fight the boss. you know a non-funny barney gumble (that loveable booze hound from the simpsons).if you were to attach a thermo-nuclear power generator to your mother's prized hoover would you then bring to grasp his level of mr. mencia's unfunny. i proposed that if this man continues to be broadcast he will tear a whole in the space/time continuum.

    ***for the record: “mind of mencia” sucks.***

  • sixy

    Just the name Mind of Mencia makes me not want to watch that show, which I haven't, and I won't. But on another Chappelle note, last year I went to the block party he hosted in Brooklyn with every musical act under the sun. That was supposed to be out on DVD earlier this year, but I wonder if that will ever happen now that the show is done. Anyone heard anything about that?

  • Stone

    Andre – LOL, dude that comment just made my day

    Sixy – Yeah, I tried to watch mencia last night and couldn't do it. Haven't heard anything about the the block party DVD, but I'm sure its on bootleg somewhere :)