Excuse Me, While I Kiss This Guy


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Jimi Hendrix was supposed to go to Viet Nam. Instead he stayed here and had a music career that changed the course of Rock & Roll forever. How did he get out of service? By pretending he was gay.

That is what is being revealed in Charles R. Cross' new biography on the legend entitled Room Full of Mirrors.

In regular visits to the base psychiatrist at Fort Campbell, Ky., in spring 1962, Hendrix complained that he was in love with one of his squad mates and that he had become addicted to masturbating, Cross writes. Finally, Capt. John Halbert recommended him for discharge, citing his “homosexual tendencies.”

Yeah right…after all the women Hendrix slept with, I bet the military was really kicking themselves.

At any rate, the book is filled with all sorts of other interesting little known facts about Jimi Hendrix and seems like a good end of summer read. Published by Hyperion, the book is available on Amazon.