BREAKING NEWS: Bol Is a Gully Mofo



This is hilarious.

When thousands of readers of the September 2005 JUICE issue of VIBE magazine attempt to check out a URL listed in a story about hip-hop blogs – supposedly the URL of the author's own blog – they will instead be redirected to a page calling the author a “douche.”

The author of the story is hip-hop journalist kris ex, co-author of “From Pieces to Weight: Once Upon a Time in Southside Queens,” the autobiography of hip-hop artist 50 Cent, and a polarizing figure in the world of hip-hop blogging.

You can't write an article about hip hop blogs without including Bol and/or The Mindset Army. The dude is like the Don Corleone of the blogosphere, intruducing new terms such as “no homo” and “weed carriers” to the blog hood. Bol is not one to be messed with.

Exo, fires back of course at Bol and Hashm (of Hip Hop Blogs, who is somehow involved) in a nasty (and almost suicidal) diatribe that he posted to not one, but two different blogs.

As far as can be deciphered, Hashim Warren is some sort of D-List rapper who either couldn???t muster up the money it takes to press her own music or (and this is more probable) could not find a manufacturer willing to reproduce something that, frankly, no one wanted to hear.

Hashim, this is your final warning and as pretty as it will ever get. You are not even a small fish in a big pond. You are plankton, food for the bottom feeders. If you continue with your balderdash I will sufflaminate your pitiful excuse for a career and put a hurting on anyone who???s ever used the same brand of toothpaste as you.

Bol, you running your mouth crazy. Ease up before something happens. We don't want that–at least you don't. Take it slow. Don't body yaself.

Although Bol's actions are downright comical, Exo comes off as dellusional. I think the dude needs help. I'm still trying to piece things together. It seems that Bol redirected the website, yet Exo's diatribe is directed at Hashim. I've been out of the loops lately, so if someone can catch me up on all of this, it will be much appreciated. I'm sure that there will be more on this story to come.

Disclaimer: I am a member of the Mindset Army, so if there is a total blog war, you know which side I gotta defend.

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