Bol, Hashim and Exo “Hug It Out”


Suddenly, Krispexgate, aka “The Gulliest Move of 2005” is over. Hasim and Kris ex settled their beef yesterday, and the “Kris Ex is a Douche” page has been changed to an Ad for Exo's 50 cent biography.

Bol's explanation: “krispex is not really in any position to strike back right now and for us to keep riding down on a dude with both hands tied behind his back would just be weak.” Hashim cleared up some things in the comments section of Hip Hop blogs by saying, “I’ll still critique his work with the same humor and intensity, but won't attack him on a personal level. And I guess Kris Ex agrees not to try to Kevin Powell me.”

The sudden reversal of position remains a mystery. Did Bol get a free subscription to Vibe or a signed copy of From Pieces to Weight? Did Vibe send Mimi Valdes over to his house for a “session?” Cause in that case, I got beef with Vibe too.

Hey, you know that beef never lasts forever. That's enough entertainment for the week. Let's all get back to our boring jobs in our boring cubicles.