Badass Movie Alert: Revolver


6985.jpgCould Revolver be the movie that returns Guy Ritchie back to form?

It better, because after the embarrassment that was Swept Away, Mr. Ritchie needs to get back into the game of making real films. This is the dude who made Lock Stock… and Snatch, for Christ sakes!

After watching the trailer for this flick, I'm at least assured that the man is back. First of all, it stars Jason Statham. Second, Andre 3000 and Vincent, “Big Pussy” Pastore play brothers (who'd thought?). And third, Guy was nice enough to cut that non-acting bitch Madonna's scene out of the movie, essentially restoring his street credibility.

The movie premieres in the Europe and the UK on September 22, but as of now, there is no US distribution deal. Check out the trailer here.