What happens when Tech Geeks decide to do an Art Project.



So I noticed in today's Style Section of the Washington Post, there was a story about Yellow Arrows.

A bright arrow hovering over the rush of city life usually means “get moving”: Hang a left, take a right, barrel straight ahead. But the bright yellow arrow stickers that have started popping up in the Washington area have a different goal: to slow people down, maybe even stop them for a moment.

Launched last summer by Counts Media, a New York-based arts and gaming company, the Yellow Arrow Project is a kind of geographical blogging. Adherents have been placing the palm-size stickers — each with a unique code — on street signs, city monuments, store windows, abandoned buildings — anywhere, really, that observers encounter what they deem to be “art.” Then, using a cell phone, they send a brief text message — which could be an interesting historical fact, a restaurant review or just some goofy poetry — to Yellow Arrow. People who come across an arrow can call the Yellow Arrow phone number, punch in the sticker's code and receive that message.

Now, not to be that guy who's always like “I was doing that FIVE YEARS AGO”, but I did happen to post about this phenomenon back in March on Imagaeyenation.com

It's a really awesome way of bringing together technology and graffiti. And it makes you realize how small the world really is. Because right now someone in Japan could be reading what someone in Texas is thinking.

You can see what the rest of the world is doing by checking out the Yellow Arrows website.