Usher's Bling Watch

by Winston "Stone" Ford


Yo, I knew that whole “rap consciousness” movement that Kanye was trying to start wouldn't last long.

Usher's new bling watch, which he purchased in London recently, has 1106 diamonds, along with hundreds of rare yellow diamonds that create an image of his face in the center. According to, the watch took almost seven months to make. The price tag runs at around one million dollars.

I wonder how many starving kids in Sierra Leone had to die for this watch. Oops, did I say that??

  • JD

    At 10 in the morning, its still 10 in the morning – no matter how much your watch costs.

  • Miss Hipstah

    It may be 10 in the morning

    but just imagine how BLINGTASTIC that morning is gonna be!

  • king Fi Dem

    yellow=man made