No Entourage. No Escalades. No Egos.
Just Hip-Hop.



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DC doesn???t have a massive, commercial, hip hop scene and we should be thankful for that. We don't need major label fat cats from NYC trying to dictate and water down the DC scene. Ya'll can Keep 50 Cent. We have Head-Roc. Philly may have The Roots. We have Restoring Poetry in Music.

DC Hip Hop cats are some of the most down to earth people I've met in a long time. When they spit, you see the passion and emotion that they possess. Living in the center of government and injustice (as well as one of the poorest cities in the country), they have a more political edge to their rhymes. Sometimes, life isn't all about the club hit.

DC has so many good hip hop acts coming out of this area to shut up most every NYC wannabe known to man.

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Tracklisting after the Jump.


Head Roc – Young Jefferson
Restoring Poetry in Music – Poetry Bum
Head Roc – Sermon on the Metro
DJ Eurok and Michelle Armador – That's Life
Blyss – D.O.L.L.A.R
Nine Fifteen – NoStylgia

Nine Fifteen – Freak Out
Noyeek – Meatraculous“>DJ Eurok – Made You Feel (Remix)
Kev Brown – Always
Kev Brown – Albany
Roma Massive with DJ Eurok and Michelle Armador – In and Out

Defined Print – Time of the End
Defined Print – My Library
Asheru – BMIG