News Update: July 28th



This is a little behind schedule, but there are talks still going on to make a biopic on Notorious B.I.G. Fox Searchlight is talking to Training Day director Antoine Fuqua to direct the film. The B.I.G question though…who's gonna play Biggie?

Electronica superstar Moby says that he has put aside his differences and thinks that rapper Eminem is actually pretty cool. Seems Moby is happy that Mr. Mathers is a also critical of President Bush. Moby is currently on tour for his new album Hotel. Meanwhile. Eminem is squashing talk of his retirement by saying that he is “taking a break”.

Wyclef Jean is supporting Mash Ups and tells news reporters who ask about a Fugees reunion that playing with the group again is like going back in time.

“…It's like your high school band, it's always fun.”

Lil Kim is pressed for time. And clothing apparently. She is planning on releasing her next album Naked Truth on September 13th, just six days before her prison sentence is supposed to start.

R&B singer Gerald Levert pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor counts after a confrontation with the police officers who stopped him for a traffic violation.

Bow Wow (formerly Lil Bow Wow, formerly Shad Moss) is two things. A) Legal and B) Not going to college.

On August 12th, the movie The Aristocrats is being released. This film has been considered highly contraversial and many theaters have even pulled it from their listings. There is no plot really. It's just a list of well known (and not so well known) comics telling a joke that has been in the Stand Up Comedy world for years. The basic version of the joke goes something like this;

This guy walks into a talent agent???s office and says, ???I???ve got a great act. It???s a family act. My wife and little son and daughter are in it. We walk on stage and (censored), then we (censored), and then I (censored, censored) while she (really censored), and for the finale, we all (really, really censored).???

The talent agent says, ???That???s horrible. It???s disgusting. I???ve never heard anything like it. What do you call yourselves????

After a perfect comic beat, the guy proclaims, ???The Aristocrats!???

The movie has been dubbed either highly entertaining or highly defensive. And with an NC-17 rating, you bet there's gonna be something to talk about.

That's it for the News Update today. Stay tuned!