MC Burial = I Don't Care

by Winston "Stone" Ford

Nas-1.jpgI know that the Couch Sessions is supposed to be about new and underground music, but somehow I feel compelled to blog about this. My friend emailed me this track the other day with the title, “DUDE, CHECK THIS OUT! Nas dissin' on fiddy,” (exact words).

I'm still trying to feign some enthusiasm. The screwed and chopped John Legend chorus is pretty cool, and the production quality is top notch. Funk Flex's annoying voice is nowhere to be found. I guess Nas did what he had to do and he accomplished it well, but dissin' 50 has become more played out than Ali G.

  • timeless

    nas had to diss 50. it might be played out, but in hiphop, if someone comes at you, you must respond in order to survive and salvage your career. no room for punks. plus, 50 called nas' wife an unmentionable. when someone attacks you through your loved ones, you must defend yourself, no matter how played out it may seem. its not like nas is doing this for attention. he is RESPONDING.
    and for emphasis, it is played out, dissing 50. that is only because 50 has opened his big fat mouth speaking many artist names with derogatory remarks. so you have many artist responding to his mediocre, well-thought out marketing planned attacks.