Eminem's Final “Encore”



Multi-platinum rapper Eminem has announced his retirement as a rap artist.

Rap superstar Eminem plans to make his last solo performance in Ireland in September, the Detroit Free Press, his hometown newspaper, said on Friday.

Citing sources close to the 33-year-old rapper, whose real name is Marshall Mathers, the daily also said his current album “Encore” would probably be his last as he moves to full-time work as a record producer.

The final solo appearance of Mathers, the best-selling hip-hop artist ever, would be at a concert in Dublin, Ireland, on Sept. 17, the Free Press said.

His retirement comes as a bit of a surprise to some. Either way, there will be plenty of press. Many close to Eminem say that they saw it coming.

Paul Rosenberg, Eminem's longtime manager, told the Press no final decision has been made regarding Em's future plans. However, Rosenberg did say that Encore, which topped the charts when released in November, was “certainly the cap on this part of his career.” The rapper, known for his arch sense of humor, is pictured giving a final bow on the cover of the album and closes out the set with the track “Curtains Down.”

Maybe after he retires, he and Triumph the Insult Dog will go on a comedy tour.