DC Finally Gets KRUNK

by Lady Glock

Recently, I came to the conclusion that I was getting too old to go out club and bar hopping.

I'm almost 23

The effort a women puts into getting ready…putting on make up, squeezing into something tight and tiny, debating whether to wear the sensible two inches or risk wearing the stilettos because they make your legs look longer… can take its toll.

Still, a girl has to leave the house sometime. And when I heard that there was a party where they played old skool hip hop, I thought “Why not?”

Located on 19th St between L and M Street is a small, town house like restaurant called Singapore Bistro. It's here that KRUNK!, one of the hottest, “underground” parties takes place. Started by DJ Tittsworth,(yes that is his real name), Krunk Fridays have been taking place for nearly two years.


Walking into the Bistro, it's hard to figure out what to expect. All the tables and chairs from the restaurant are piled up on the first floor. There are a set of stairs that lead up the second floor bar and finally the third floor dance floor.


The atmosphere is that of a New York City loft party or a Brooklyn basement DJ session. The kind of place where you could meet up with some old friends (I met up with two or three already) or make some new ones. The DJs change each week, so each time you go, the music is different. But there are crowd favorites who are regulars to the night. DJ Skillz, who already has his name on t-shirts across the city, (think “Got Milk?” but instead “Got Skillz?”), DJ Meistro, DJ Eurok, Dave Nada and of course, DJ Tittsworth. There is a good mix of Old Skool Hip Hop, Baltimore Club, R&B and newer Rap hits. There's also an open mic with host MC Tamu.


In my opinion, this party is a heartbeat in the nearly dead nightlife of DC. It's not that there isn't anything to do in DC. Au contraire. There are tons of clubs and bars to choose from. But it's gotten to a point where the people who go to these places forget how to have a good time. There's little to no dancing, unless EVERYONE is out on the dance floor. And by that point, most poeple are so drunk they are just stepping on your toes or shoving you aside. Well, people do that regardless of whether or not they're drunk.

Krunk changes that. Yes, people are there to drink, dance and have a good time, but there's not so much of the pretension that exists at other clubs. The crowd is a good mix of people: B-Boys from Silver Spring, backpackers from DC, an occasional suburanite who happend to saunter in…everyone can find a place to fit in.

So if you're tired of the same old, same old…check out Krunk!


I promise you won't regret it.

  • Divynthought

    The place sounds awesome. I wish I was in DC a little longer to go check it out. But alas, London awaits. You know, I thought I was the only one that found something strange about the way folks act at clubs in DC. It's like people are afraid to dance and have a good time, for fear of messing up their clothes or something. Great post.

  • Stone

    “It's like people are afraid to dance and have a good time, for fear of messing up their clothes or something.”

    YES! I've been saying that for a while, but I don't think Miss Hipstah believes me.

    There is something about DC that makes people scared to dance. I think that because DC is such a small town, people are scared of being spotted by their coworkers and family members on the dance floor.

    Me on the other hand….I grew up in the South, where dancing is in our blood, so I could care less.

  • D-nice

    KRUNK is the best kept secret in the metro area. If you want to spend a car note on Fridays ther are plenty of spots in DC for you. But Where else in the city can you have a great time for $20. 5 at the door and VERY reasonable drink prices (for DC). Plus free shots for the ladies upon request at the door.

    If you want 106 & Park in a club setting there are plenty of places in DC for that too. But if you like variety in your music, KRUNK has it in spades. Old Skool, B-more club, Classic R&B, plus new club bangers.

    If you like guys frontin like thier too cool to dance (females too), there are plenty of places in DC for ya. At KRUNK you cant help but shake what yo mama gave ya. Even if you dont, guarantee some will back that thang up on you, until your forced to dance.

    Finnaly the best thing about KRUNK is the friendly vibe, from the DJ's to the patrons, everyone is just out for a good time. Thank you for a great party Mr. Tittsworth.