D???Angelo???s a ???Go???


D'AngeloJust in case anyone???s wondering where he???s been, soulster D???Angelo will be featured on the upcoming remix to Go, the second single from Common???s current album Be, according to MTV.com. D???Angelo has been fairly incognito in recent years ??? we haven???t heard anything from him since his 2002 collaboration with Raphael Saadiq on the track You Should be Here (from the latter artist's Instant Vintage LP). Of course, there was that little incident last November involving D???Angelo???s arrest for drug possession and driving under the influence, but that doesn???t count.

D???Angelo – long considered a leader in the “neo-soul” movement – first made a name for himself with 1995???s electric Brown Sugar LP, followed by the Grammy award-winning Voodoo in 2000. It would be nice to think that this is his first step toward a long overdue return.

Now, if only someone could get Lauryn Hill back on track….