Worldwide Winners Announced

Gilles Peterson if off the hook.

In addition to breaking The Roots, Sa’Ra, Dwele, Ty, and many more amazing acts, his Worldwide Radio show on BBC1 was one of the first DJ’s to play Amerie’s One Thing track on the radio in the UK, which forced her record company to push the once white label-status track as her first single.

Every so often, Peterson will feature the most popular alternative soul tracks in a show entitled Worldwide All Winners. The first All Winners Show in 2005 featured such notable acts as Roy Ayers, Faith Evans, Saul Williams, Common, and MF Doom to more underground acts, such as Blakai, Roman Flugel, and Dwight Trible.

Full Worldwide Winners after the jump:

1) Soil & Pimp -‘Waltz For Goddess’ (RCA/Victor)
2) Ed Motta – ‘Balendoah’ (Trama White)
3) Blakai Feat. Bembe Segue – ‘Afro Space’ (White)
4) Silhouette Brown – ‘Spread That’ (Ether)
5) Roy Ayers – ‘Come To Me’ (BBE)
6) Quasimoto – ‘Seasons Change’ (Stones Throw)
7) MF Doom – ‘Potholderz’ (Rhymesayers)
8) Jneiro Jarel – ‘Doinis!!’ (Kindred Spirits)
9) Faith Evans – ‘Stop N Go’ (EMI)
10)Leela James – ‘Rain’ (Warner Bros)
11)The Rebirth – ‘Mark Of His Way’s’ (Kajmere)
12)John Legend – ‘Used to Love You’ (Yam Who? Remix) (Columbia)
13)Damien ‘JR Gong’ Marley – ‘Welcome to Jamrock’ (Ghetto Youths)
14)Lady Sovereign – ‘Random’ (Solid Groove Remix) (Casual)
15)Stereotyp Vs.Al Haca – ‘Blaze N’ Cook’ (Peter Kruder’s Jiggy Mix) (Klein)
16)Nostalgia 77 – ‘Cheney Lane’ (Tru Thoughts)
17)Saul Williams – ‘Seaweed’ (Wichita)
18)Common – ‘Be’ (Geffen)
19)Amerie – ‘1 Thing’ (Danny Krivit Edit) (White)
20)Syclops – ‘The E Ticket’ (Tirk)
21)Trickski – ‘Untitled’ (White)
22)Roman Flugel – ‘Geht’s Noch?’ (Cocoon)
23)Juan Maclean – ‘Dance With Me’ (DFA)
24)Roisin Murphy – ‘Sow Into You’ (Echo)
25)Roger Robinson – ‘Dream Keeper’ (Altered Vibes)
26)Dwight Trible – ‘Cellestrial Blues’ (Ninja Tune)
27)Finn Peters – ‘Suning’ (Traficante)
28)Anga Diaz – ‘A Love Supreme’ (World Circuit)
29)Marathon Men – ‘In Paradise’ ( (Je Ne Sais Quoi Records)
30)Unknown – ‘Nativetounguetwisterhood’ (White)
31)TangoTerje – ‘Can’t Help it’ (G.A.M.M)