Short Films in Brooklyn


FlatFoot Fête presents – The Screening, a night of shorts and works-in-progress

Wednesday, June 29, 2005 ??? 7pm ??? 10pm
262 Taaffe Pl
Brooklyn, NY

Why catch a film in the dark when you can enjoy a film salon with other creative minds?

The Screening is a monthly series exploring the creative process through shorts and works-in-progress. The intimacy of the gathering allows for a loose exchange between filmmakers and an audience of artists and creative-influencers. Always welcoming submissions.

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Perks: inspiration, networking, collaborative opps, news, cool energy, FREE ADMISSION, FREE HOT DOGS!!!

Screening w. Q&A on the following works:

Rachel, narrative
8 min.
Boris Cifuentes
– the palpable silence of temptation

Nothing to Do with the Elephant, documentary
18 min.
Laura Potron
– gentrification of Brooklyn, artists vs. yuppies

A Potato Chip Tale, narrative
20 min.
Heidi Sjursen/Clark Ov Saturn
– epic psychedelic road adventure about a disgruntled supermodel who must face her dark past and fears head on.

PESO, experimental
12 min.
James Bang
– shared spaces enable characters burdens to intersect — subtle influences on one another frees them.

Black Highway, narrative
15 min.
Jimmy Mehiel
– “there’s a killer on the road???” noir-inspired psycho-drama