Seriously, What Do I Have to Do…..

inside-revrun.jpg….to get a reality show?

The Rev. Run is in the house. Run’s House, a reality show featuring the Rev. Run of Run DMC, his wife, Justine, and their five children, will premiere later this year on MTV, the network announced Monday.

At least its not an audition to fill the slot for the departed Jam Master Jay (like one reality show is doing), but do we really need to see what goes in in the life of Reverend Run? Unless he’s pullin’ a Dave Chappelle, I can’t see people caring about Run making an album or playing with his kids. Run will join other “day in the life” reality shows such as Meet the Barkers, Being Bobby Brown, and Chasing Farah. Wow.

And it’s going to be on MTV too. So now, 15 year old girls in Iowa will ask the question, “who in the hell is Run DMC?”