Saul Williams, Real Niggery, Vol 1


Update: I'm gettin' mad Google hits for this right now, so I decided to bump this post up.

Real Niggery, Vol 1 (also known as Poetry Funds Terrorism) is a mixtape/remix project from the definitive poet Saul Williams. Saul (and Catchdubs) is offering this mixtape for a LIMITED time only!

I'm offering this through the Couch Sessions for a limited time out of the goodness of my heart.

If you haven't copped Saul's self titled album, then you are truly missing out. Like I said before, Saul makes “angry rock music that makes you want to start a riot on your way to work.” The dude is taking black music to the next level. Prince C from American Black calls Saul Williams, “the album for the new Black intelligentsia…just buy it.

Also, check out my earlier post on Saul, and his new video for Black Stacey. Saul will also be playing at the Siren Fest at Coney Island.

Note: I'm offering this up as a Zip file for all of us Windows users. If you need the file in a Mac format, then go to Catchdubs.