New Music: Sy Smith

sy010.jpgI first heard about Sy Smith when I recorded the Podcast with Anthony David. He said that Sy's new album, The Syberspace Social, is (in his own words), “Coooollllldddd Bloooooded.”

I most definitely agree.

First Sa-Ra, then J*Davey, and now Sy Smith. LA is now the king when it comes to progressive R&B.

Ms. Smith is armed to take over your headphones in 2005 with The Syberspace Social, bringing a sound reminiscent of outernational superstar Kelis.

This CD will delight your ears and massage your mind. The album lends some of its production credit to Nicolay, the man responsible for the Foreign Exchange which dropped last year. Sy brings heavy doses of space funk to the table, and takes her genre to a new level.

Smith is not a newcomer to the music scene. Growing up in Washington, DC, Sy has performed extensively in our city's go-go circuit. After taking over DC, she moved to LA, where she has appeared on the hit Fox television series Ally McBeal, and has produced music on several TV shows and movies.

Smith will be performing this Sunday night at Raheem DeVaughn's Chocolate City Cotton Club in Takoma Park, DC.

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