New Music: Matt Zigs presents Superheroes and Villains Vol. 1


zigs.gifCall me impatient but generally if a track doesn???t grab me within the first thirty seconds, I am compelled to skip. It takes boredom and some degree of chance that I then hear that track in its entirety. I am frequently proved wrong.

After hearing Matthew Zeigler AKA Matt Zigs present Superheroes and Villains Vol 1 for the first time, my thumb was throbbing from frustratingly intensive skipping.

It just so happens that I was bored the other evening. So I thought I???d brave it again. Pacing my front room I was trying to pinpoint exactly where I had heard this before. Not long into the vocals did it strike me that this was strangely similar to a one Marshall Mathers. Whilst I was pleasantly surprised by my tapping feet and nodding head to Aces and Jokers, all the time I was wondering when the real Matt Zigs would stand up.

Don???t get me wrong, this is not a bad piece of work. Zigs uses brilliantly eclectic riffs from the heavy piano beats of Chun-Tzu to the jazz-funk brass in Cemetery Traffic, to create a sound that not only keeps you singing the tune all day, but gets others around you doing the same.

And it???s not only the music that keeps me away from the skip button. The lyrics are both incisive and penetrating. I???m a particular fan of the lyrics in I???m just saying???in which Zigs kindly requests MCs to ???keep making music ??? but stop passing me whack demos. That???s all I ask.???

So the harmonies are catchy and the lyrics are sharp. What???s the problem? I have spent a good few minutes on this question and the answer is not as simple as I thought. I believe it is what the British would call a lack of ???oomph???. In other words, I really don???t think that Zigs has put in the necessary 110% needed to make this a truly great album. Until he does that, it???s only ever going to be one that I keep on my shelf.

Most superheroes and villains do have one thing in common ??? their immense ability to take the hits and keep bouncing back, which is why I am sure volume 2 will be on its way soon. I just hope Matt Zigs brings his own sound with him.