New Music: Eternia

eternia.jpg“What can they rap about….free health care?”

The quote above displays the attitude that many Americans have about Canadian hip hop. But if you look closer at our neighbor to the north, you'll see that a hip hop renaissance, led by top spitters like Kardinal Official, K-OS, and now Eternia, is taking place. Canada is trying to muscle some respect in the American dominated hip-hop industry.

Eternia (real name: Silk Kaya), a virtual unknown on this side of the border, has already been called the “first lady of Canadian hip hop” in several circles. For almost 9 years, she's honed her skills by rappin' on street corners in Philly and NYC. She's a true MC, with deep, passionate lyrics that strive to combat the current sexist ideas of a female in the game.

Honestly, I think she can out rhyme any female MC out there right now. Yeah, I said it.

However, one of the barriers that Eternia faces in the US is her appearance as a “white girl.” “After I spit its not about my race,” Eternia tells Mugshot Magazine, “[its] more that I'm a dope MC that happens to be white.” Interestingly enough, she uses the term “white” loosely; the half Turkish/half Canadian rapper identifies herself with her Middle Eastern heritage.

Eternia's CD release, Where I Been – The Collection, is a assortment of freestyles, B-sides and remixes. It includes collaborations with some up and coming Canadian MC's as well as production by 9th Wonder.

Eternia was featured at South by Southwest in the spring, and she will be touring the US, Canada, and Australia over the summer.


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EterniaWhere I Been – The Collection
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