Live From Iraq


4th25 – Live From Iraq
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‘No One Talks About What We’re Going Through … We’re Venting for Everybody,’

From the beginning, 4th25???s Live From Iraq lets America know that the images that we???re seeing on CNN are just a video game. This album gives us an unedited, unfiltered, and uncensored view of the daily life in Iraq. The raw lyrics and beats paint a dark, eerie picture of a war zone. You don’t see President “Mission Accomplished” Bush or Donald Rumsfeld talking about this.

4th25 (meaning fourth quarter) is the brainchild of First Cavalry Sergeant Neal Saunders, and the group is composed completely of American soldiers serving in Iraq. “No one talks about what we’re going through,??? Saunders says. ???Sure, there are generals on the TV, but they’re not speaking for us. We’re venting for everybody.”

Live From Iraq was written, composted and recorded completely in Baghdad in a makeshift hut, using recording equipment shipped from the States and cheap mattresses as sound insulation.

The lyrics, which reference getting shot at, paranoia, and losing close friends to violence, are remarkably similar to those life in the ‘hood. Newsweek puts it best when it states, ???Rap is becoming the pulse of the Iraq war, as the sounds of Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison were for Vietnam.??? In fact, hip hop has been a daily staple in wartime Iraq since day one, with rap battles and freestyle contests being held in the infamous Green Zone in central Baghdad.

All in all, this remarkable album makes most stateside hip hop sound like Disney. There???s no faking here. Unlike some rappers who live in expensive mansions and drive tricked out whips, these guys are living the rhymes that they write.