King Kong 2005


As I was eating dinner last night, I turned on the television to see if my regular episodes of “Law & Order” were on. They weren't. What I saw instead was a movie trailer of epic proportions. But then again, I wouldn't expect any less from Peter Jackson.

The film in question is the remake of King Kong.


The original film, which was debuted in 1933, was considered for that time to be one of the most gruesome horror flicks ever created. It grossed over $90,000, which again for the time was the biggest amount ever grossed for a movie.

While the first version started off the career of Fay Wray and is a blockbuster still remembered today, its producers did not have the luxuries of modern CGI technology, nor did the studios have the money to pay for big budget actors and actresses.

But today however, Hollywood has changed. Big explosions, famous actors, elaborate special effects…those are all things that can be expected from this new version.

The cast is pretty amazing. Jack Black and Colin Hanks are reunited as a director and assistant, instead of two brothers in Orange County. Naomi Watts takes on the role of the screaming damsel in distress/actress that was made famous by Fay Wray, while Adrian Brody plays her debonair hero/co-star. It may seem weird at first…most movies with Jack Black usually mean slapstick comedy. But from what I can see, this is a serious role. So instead of funny guy, he's eccentric.

While the trailer looks promising, I'm not holding my breath. Movies are apparently not everyone's top priority right now. So the fact that they are already previewing a movie coming out in December, NOW says something.