BET's Party of the Year (?)


I have been posting about it so much already, I felt that maybe I should give a quick (but possibly long) over view of the 2005 BET Awards.

The 2005 BET Awards opened up with a surprise performance from the reunited (if for this night only) Fugees. They performed “Ready or Not”, “Killing Me Softly” and a reggae version of “Fu-Gee-La”. After which, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith took the stage.

They first laid out the rules.

1) If you win an award, you have a “Three homeboy” limit.
2) No bright suits and flashy cups. As Jada said “This is not Pimp of the Year Award”
and finally 3) “Do not thank God if you cannot perform your work in church.”

The performances were entertaining at times. Missy Elliot's dance routine was a cross somewhere between Krump and Riverdance. And it was clearly lip synched. The Game gave a good performance with Mary J. Blige who's song “Real Love” was mashed in with “Hate It Or Love It”. The Game also brought his son on who was adorable (and wearing a hat ten sizes too big).

The Game and Son.jpg

T.I. did a collaboration with Sheena E. on his song “Bring Em Out”. John Legend turned “Ordinary People” into “My Cherie Amour” as a surprise duet with Stevie Wonder.

The most memorable performance had to have been Destiny's Child, who for one of their final live acts as a trio, proceeded to give on stage lap dances to Terrance Howard, Nelly and Magic Johnson.


As you can see Terrance Howard is not exactly keeping his cool. He looked so flustered, they nearly had to bring out a fire extinguisher.

Ok, so to spare you all with the gory details, I’ll write some memorable moments of the show:

The entire show was basically a testament to the fact that Will and Jada not only have a good marriage, but have an apparently great sex life. And nice matching outfits.

Fantasia was nominated for two awards and when she didn't win either of them, the camera would flash to her clearly disappointed face.

The spray painted face of a young Michael Jackson on Missy Elliot's Adidas Suit.


Tito Jackson coming out on stage and telling everyone that he was representing his family in saying thanks for the audience and viewers support. Though oddly enough, he didn't really say what the support was for…hmmmm….

Mariah Carey's beach front set, and string section. And a dress that left VERY little to the imagination. On that note, Remy Ma's dress…

Anthony Anderson getting stripped on stage by Vivica A. Fox, Jada Pinkett Smith, Queen Latifah and Kimberly Elise (The crew from the movie Set It Off)

Set It Off.jpg

The entire cast of Fresh Prince of Bel Air having a “family reunion” onstage to announce Best Athlete, followed by Will Smith's speech about how Hip Hop is affecting the rest of the world. Though what he said was different from what I thought he was gonna say.


Mike Jones had about 100 people on stage for his performance. And then said his name a hundred times.

Omarion's jewel encrusted military jacket. Apparetly he's fighting terror by buying conflict free diamonds.

Stevie Wonder dancing.

Tom Cruise presenting the best actor award. TOM CRUISE? at BET? I am so confused.

Tom Cruise BET.jpg

People who were remembered: Ossie Davis, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Rick James, and Johnnie Cochran. (I feel like I left someone out)

And in no particular order:

Best Group: Destiny's Child
Best Female R&B: Alicia Keys
Best Male R&B: Usher
Best New Artist: John Legend
Best Actor: Jamie Fox
Best Actress: Regina King
Best Collaboration: Ciara ft. Missy Elliott “1, 2 Step”
Male Athlete: Shaq
Female Athlete: Serena Williams
Best Gospel: Donnie McClurkin
Best Female Hip Hop: Remy Ma (though I missed that)
Best Male Hip Hop: Kanye West
Viewers Choice Award: Omarion “O” (Your boy, Stone!)
Lifetime Acheivement: Gladys Knight (Whose tribute was sung by Faith Evans and Toni Braxton, and who then gave a spectacular performance herself)
Humanitarian Award: Denzel and Pauletta Washington
Video of the Year: Kanye West “Jesus Walks”

Ok and that's it. I must say that the majority of the people who won awards tonight were no-shows. Which made the whole thing kind of weird. Everything was hyped up so much for this show and then half the people didn't even show up. The ones who were there were either presenters or performers.

Either way, it was a pretty good show. And I bet there will be some risque pics in tomorrows paper!