And at a different awards show across the border…

by Lady Glock


Canadian Rapper K-Os also won himself a few awards at the Canadian MuchMusic Awards show.

Videos from rapper K-os won four trophies, while rock bands Billy Talent and Death From Above 1979 took home two apiece…

…K-os's Man I Used To Be, which features eye-catching dance moves using the Brazilian martial arts form capoeira, scored three trophies including best rap video and best cinematography…Crabbuckit, which he performed, was named best pop video.

“There's probably a lot of artists that aren't getting a voice. I feel lucky to have one,” the rapper, whose real name is Kevin Brereton, said backstage.

He also congratulated the other winners. “Canada's really cool right now. We have the best rock bands. A lot of bands that are big in the States are happy to be here,” he said.

Brereton also thanked the late prime minister Pierre Trudeau for setting up a music grant program so many years ago. “We're now reaping the benefits,” he said.

Well said. Also check out his video “Man I Used to Be”.

  • Stone

    Interesting…..NO ONE knows about K-OS over here.

    I gotta take a roadtrip to Canada, cause apparently their music scene is jumpin'

    Of course Sum 41 and Avril don't count, but you do have Kardinal, Eternia, Esthero, and yes…Alanis

  • Miss Hipstah

    Well, you know that the lead singer for Sum 41 and Avirl are gettin married right?

    That's what i call keepin it in the family.