The Couch Sessions Podcast 001 – April 14th, 2005

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Show Notes/Info

The Couch Sessions Podcast profiles new and upcoming artists in R&B, Hip Hop, House, and Independent Rock. If you or your group want to be profiled on The Couch Sessions, please send an email to articleonline [at] gmail [dot] com and include an MP3 of your music, a bio, and some contact information If you don't suck, we'll feature you on the Couch Sessions Podcast.

Today we looked at the artist J*Davey and the movie Hotel Rwanda, which came out out on DVD this week.

J*Davey comes to us from Los Angeles, California, and the duo of Jack Davey (Briana Cartwright) and producer Brook D'Leau brings us some next wave R&B shit.

Hotel Rwanda debuted on DVD this week, and it is hands down the best movie of 2005. On the Couch Sessions, we played a clip from the movie, which features Don Cheadle and Sophie Okonedo.