Podcasting: Straight Up

To get a Podcast to your MP3 player, first you have to Download some Podcasting software. The most common Podcast software for Mac users or Windows users with iPods is Ipodder. This is the first and original Podcast software created by Adam Curry (yeah, the MTV guy) and it intergrates well with iTunes.

For all of you who aren’t cool enough to own an iPod, there is the Primetime Podcast Reciever. The PPR doesn???t use iTunes (thank God) and can be used to sync with your MP3 player.

Once you download your player, its time to add your feed. Its really easy to add feeds to your Podcast software. Copy and paste this link to the add screen on the Podcast software:


Then click add. The software will automatically download the MP3 file to your computer. After that, you can sync the file to your MP3 player.

Oh…..you DON’T need an iPod to get a Podcast. Any MP3 player will do.